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In my earlier articles, I have discussed types of specifications and various purposes for which specifications are to be given. Most of the constructions of various types of buildings are RCC constructions. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail about the specifications that are to be necessarily given for carrying out RCC (reinforced Cement Concrete) constructions.

RCC specifications
RCC specifications

RCC Specifications

  • Shuttering shall be done using seasoned wooden boards of thickness not less than 30mm.
  • Surface contact with concrete shall be free from adhering grout, nails, splits and other defects.
  • All the joints are perfectly closed and lined up.
  • The shuttering and framing is sufficiently braced.
  • Nowadays timber shuttering is replaced by steel plates.
  • All the props of approved sizes are supported on double wedges and when taken out, these wedges are eased and not knocked out.
  • All the framework is removed after 21 days of curing without any shocks or vibrations.
  • All reinforcement bars conform IS specifications and are free from rust, grease oil etc.
  • The steel grills are perfectly as per detailed specifications.
  • The covers to concrete are perfectly maintained as per code.
  • Bars of diameter beyond 25mm diameter are bent when red hot.
  • The materials proportion should be as per the specifications of the concrete.

Number of Cement bags required for a specific cement concrete ratios

  • For cement concrete of ratio 1:1:2(1 cement:1sand/coarse sand:2graded stone aggregate) require 11no bags of 50kg.
  • For cement concrete of ratio 1:1.5:3 require 7.8no bags of 50kg.
  • For cement concrete of ratio 1:2:4 require 6 no bags of 50kg.
  • For cement concrete of ratio 1:3:6 require 4.25no bags of 50kg.
  • For cement concrete of ratio 1:4:8 require 3.2 no bags of 50kg.
  • For cement concrete of ratio 1:5:10 require 2.50 no bags of 50kg.
  • For cement concrete of ratio 1:6:12 require 2.25 no bags of 50kg.

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  1. RCC Specification:
    -The specification of RCC band follows:

    #The RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) band is as wide as the thickness of wall and 75 mm to 100 mm thick and constructed using M 15(1:2:4) cement concrete.

    #Provide two bars 10 mm in diameter at its mid thickness along with 6mm diameter link @ the rate of 150 mm c/c throughout of the length of walls.

    #Use 12 mm diameter bars in seismic zone. In wall length more than 6m between cross wall.

    #Use 4 bars in 150 thick band.

  2. I want to know that the Best Lenter of the House is RCC or Bricks.

    I can confuse, and I want to know that basically what cost of these lenter is 1000 sq. ft.

    Please tell me.

  3. Hello,

    I hereby request for a price quotation for barriers so that i can know the price and how to press an order.

    Hoping for your quick reply.
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  4. hello,
    In slab and walls of RCC we used joints at 45 degree but nowadays designer has given us to leave joints vertical either ln slab and walls, Pls. you make me it clear which type of joint is good.

  5. i want to know that how much of length increase when i am bending steel bar.

    bending of steel in 45 degree, 90 degree and hook (180 degree)

    dia of bar :- 8mm; 10 mm; 12mm ; 16 mm ; 20mm; 25mm ; 32 mm

  6. i want to know the steps of detailed estimation of rcc column of size 9″x1’6″with trapezoidal footing of size 7’6″x7’6″. give a detailed estimation and specifications

  7. I just want to know some thing about estimation. I want to construct a rcc slab from main road to my house. It will be sloped. It’s length is 41ft and width is 7ft. So, how I estimate. That means what amount of steel, sand and stone or brick chips do I required. Slab thickness is 4 inch.

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    11. Min and max steel in slabs and beams and columns
    12. Expansion joints spacing?
    13. Slenderness ratio in columns
    14. Max spacing of steel in slabs, min and max dia
    15. Why distribution steel is provided?
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    17. Minimum concrete strength for various components of a building
    18. Minimum width of columns as per IS 13920
    19. Densities of concrete, bricks, hollow block, steel, etc.,
    20. Define over reinforced, under reinforced and balanced section and what is preferred in failure situatiions

    thank you!

  9. can one do away with the extra top and bottom bars in rcc beams leaving only the 4 main bars (16mm dia. 2 @ top, 2 @ bottom, no extra bars, 3meters supported length, supporting a 4″ slab on steel decking)? what could happen? sitll safe?

  10. After demarcation of construction site how the positioning of central coordinate(0,0,0) is done as per grid plan so that proper laying out of column and other points of column are determined.pls help me by giving detail explanation in the mentioned email id.Thank u hope i will be clarified as like others do.

  11. I have single floor house 900sqft.i want build 2nd floor.but my construction build in 6’x15′ inch column size.no columns are 12. it is posible to take a load of 2nd floor ? of this column size 6×15.

    • Unfortunately it will not take the load. Your house has been very poorly designed. Which engineer did you consult for such a disastrous design? if you go for another storey, your house will certainly collapse.

  12. sir
    i want to construct a building 35 yards (315 square feet )g+2,please tell me how much is the requirement of steel ,cement & sand . steel 8,10,12mm where i have to used columns ,beam slab.

    thanking you

  13. 33feet and 25feet other sides 30feet and 45ft how to find in steel in walls and used steel of grad #5 used pleas tell me how to find steel and height of wall 11ft and 4cloumn

  14. calculate thr quantity(cubic meter) of fine aggregate required for construction of a circular water tank 3.5m diameter and 5m heifgt if m25 cement concrete is used

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