Dream Home | A note from Architects and Engineers to the PEOPLE

Dream Home turning into a nightmare

I took quite some time to write this article. I am really troubled with the idea of people wanting to design their own homes without the help of a Architects or Engineers. It has been really tough telling people that every project is different and needs to be designed accordingly. Every site has different characteristics and hence the design differs.

People are more focused on saving a few thousands that they would have to pay to the experts for getting all the drawings right and in perfect order. They want to do it themselves. For some reason, they believe that they could do a better job than the experts themselves.

I am a professional and I truly appreciate people wanting to participate in the design of their homes, but the participation is limited to suggestions and discussions. The participation of people involves telling the architect about what they imagine their dream house to be. It should be borne in mind that people might have an idea of what they want their dream house to look like but they will never be able to create it. Describe what you want your house to look like and leave it to me and I will come up with something that will fill your heart with joy.

My Dream Home
My Dream Home | That is my dream home which stands looking beautiful and sturdy and will last for the next 100 years. No compromise in the design and construction quality. Incredible colour scheme. It has perfect balance and rythm. Makes me feel blessed every time I see my house. THIS IS HOW YOU SHOULD FEEL ABOUT YOUR HOUSE.

This is only because I have studied for 7 long years which has helped me develop my design skills. I create what my clients dream and feel. When you describe your ideas to an Architect, he knows exactly what you are looking at and what you want. He is a technical person and a designer and knows how he could turn your dream into a reality.

Most people find paying the architects worthless. They have weird beliefs regarding the design professionals. No wonder why so many projects today are being messed up. Most of the projects are turning into a disaster. It is only because the client has no clue what construction quality needs to be achieved and the route through which it could be achieved. There has been an increase in the number of buildings with poor quality of construction across the nation.

A request… | Please remember it is your Dream Home!

I don’t understand why people are doing this. I wish all you going through the blog do come across this article. It is really important that you understand how important it is to get an expert design your dream home for you. The BIGGEST REASON is because it is your DREAM HOME and you do not want to mess up at any cost. You spend LACS sometimes crores on getting you house built, then why show such reluctance to pay the Architect and the Engineer. They are the people who will make sure that your dream turns into a reality and that your house stands there forever sturdy and strong. They will make sure that things so right and you don’t fall into the hands of wrong people.

What could go wrong if you don’t involve experts in your Dream Home project?

Everything could go wrong…! Let us begin with Architectural design.

You and your wife want to participate in the design of your dream home. You are welcome to. But if you decide to do it yourself, you will mess up big time. WHY? Because you haven’t been to an Architecture school and studied the byelaws and codes, design procedures which take 7 years to finish. You aren’t aware of the standards which would be useful in getting your drawings prepared. All you will be able to do is draw some lines and call yourself a designer. Believe me; this does not help at all. You will mess really bad. You will be stuck with bad design and lack of inefficient circulation (functionality) and regret for the rest of your life for having taken the wrong decision.

Structural design of your Dream Home

You decide to skip hiring a structural engineer because you want to save a few thousands. So, all you do is ask you mason for the number of columns required for the construction of your dream home. Some people don’t even bother doing that, they decide the number of columns themselves. And you do it. So this is how you get into deeper shit.

First you decide to avoid hiring an Architect and end up with a bad design and a house with terrible functionality. And now you will end up with poor structure quality by avoiding hiring a structural engineer. So basically this will not be your dream home but definitely turn into a biggest nightmare of your life.

A lot of people have come to me with their homes all messed up. They have no idea what to do and how to get things fixed. Everything is so messed up and they regret their very decision of not hiring an expert to do the job. I really wish that you guys wouldn’t fall into this mess and take a smart and right decision. Get your dream home built and try not to get screwed up.

I will share some of my experiences with the NEW TYPE OF CLIENTS who are coming to me to get their bad design problems fixed. Trust me; it is really difficult to fix a bad design. It takes a lot of energy and effort for an Architect and lot more money for the client to be able to fix it. I really hope this would not fall on deaf ears and will be taken seriously.

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  1. Hi.
    I have a builder friend who is building two houses .When I visited the spot I found many of the columns (9” 9”) at a distance more than 13 ft .I commented on it and now he is also worried.The construction has come upto plinth level.Would you be able to suggest corrections at this stage so that the eventual G+1 structure is more stable.

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